The foundations of Asoy Group were laid when founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors Adem SOYTEKIN entered the construction sector in 1992 under the name of Günal Inşaat, a company with three partners. As Günal Construction and later Kaldis Construction, the projects it has implemented, its activities in the sector, and the trust and faith-based relationships it has established have managed to win the appreciation of everyone who is impartial.

in 2010, the establishment of Asoy Group was realized in order to make the development continuous and to walk with more corporate and confident steps in the sector.
Asoy Group, which has been involved in many projects since its establishment, has successfully completed and delivered 550,000 m2 of construction in 2010 and 650,000 m2 in 2011 with the investments in new materials and machinery equipment. in 2012, the minimum annual construction target of 1,000,000 m2, which was set as a target, was achieved.

Since 2014, Asoy Group has focused on new investments within and outside the sector with new business partnerships, and has started producing projects in the fields of food sector and real estate development, as well as the construction sector.

Asoy Group, with its dynamism, reliability, uncompromising structure of quality and the goal of becoming one of the important actors of the market, which it has acquired as a philosophy, is going further every day and consolidating its place in the sector as it grows.

Asoy Group, which continues its institutionalization activities on the way to achieving its goals within the framework of the corporate culture adopted by all its employees, has taken its place among the companies that guide the sector with the values it has Deciphered and the projects it has completed in the 31 years it has left behind.